Resort Events

Here at Big White, 'fun' is our business! We have a jam packed calendar of events to keep you entertained both on and off the slopes.

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Family Events

Competition Events

Food & Beverage Events

We're big fans of "Togethering" on mountain. We have lots of  fun activities and events in store for the enitre family.
Exciting, competitive events for all levels. Challenge yourself in our taylored events or come out and watch some thrilling competition. EAT, DRINK AND BE HAPPY! We've put together some unique events to showcase our mountain and valley food scene.
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Fundraiser Events

Instructor & Training Events

Lesson Events

View our list of Mountain Fundraiser Events to see how you can take part. We hosts a number of Instructor Qualification or Improvement courses throughout the season.

Improve technique and gain valuable coaching tips. This season we'll be offering some unique programs that you won't find anywhere else.